Press Releases

2013/08/02    Plans Announced For Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th during News Conference

2013/04/08     ACT-SO Gold Medalist Prepare For Orlando (2013 MS NAACP Winners)

2013/03/18    “Olympics of the Mind” Mississippi Statewide ACT-SO Competition on 3/23/13

2013/01/17     Mississippi Routinely Pushes Youth Out of School and Into the Criminal Justice System, Says New Report on Student Discipline

2013/01/07     Did you know? Corporate Front Group Writes MS Law

2013/12/12     DOJ Challenges Meridian’s School to Prison Pipeline

2012/12/10     State Blows $13 Million on Fingerprint Readers

2012/11/06     NAACP Volunteers Report Few Complications at Midday [Election Day]

2012/11/06     NAACP’s Protect The Vote Receives Lots of Calls of Election Day Problems

2012/11/15     NAACP’s Youth & College Advisor’s Letter

2012/10/29     Protect the Vote Re-Lauches Toll-Free Voter Protection Number

2012/07/31     NAACP Calls for Investigation in the Murder of John Butts

2012/07/30     Mississippi NAACP Shines At The National NAACP Conference

2012/06/25     Immigration Law Statement

2012/06/01     Nissan Union News Conference

2012/05/17     Mississippi NAACP Voter ID Statement

2012/05/16     Mother of the Year

2012/05/11     President Derrick Johnson Receives Tougaloo College Meritorious Leadership Award

2012/05/08     NAACP “We the People” Conference

2012/05/01     ACT-SO Winners

2012/04/17     ACT-SO Competition



2013/ 02/07    ACT-SO PSA (Orientation)

2012/07/03     This Is My Vote Campaign


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