The NAACP is dedicated to accelerating economic growth in our communities and eliminating existing racial and ethnic economic disparities.



  1. Get Involved — Ask your local branch whether Economic Empowerment programs are available, and if not, become a part of the solution and volunteer to help establish an Economic Empowerment program in your community
  2. Make Informed Choices — Read the 2008 Economic Reciprocity Report Card and support companies that financially support the African American community
  3. Support minority-owned businesses — Spend your money wisely and support minority-owned businesses
  4. Educate yourself — Read the newspaper and visit the websites listed above to ensure that you are fully informed about current financial and economic issues
  5. Share your knowledge — Talk to your friends and/or children about saving money and acquiring wealth
  6. Speak up for children — Advocate for the inclusion of a financial literacy component in the public school curriculum

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