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Education Funding Center of State Budget Fight

2014/12/17-The Mississippi Legislature does not officially convene until January, but the two parties are already wrangling over how to spend the state’s money. With Republicans controlling both houses and the Governor’s Mansion, not a lot of compromise is necessary for the GOP to get its way in the new session. But Democrats are fighting back,… Read more

N.C. Teen’s Hanging Death Ruled a Suicide; Mother Says It Was a Lynching

2014/12/15 - Claudia Lacy says she can accept anything: even that her youngest son committed suicide — if it’s proven and explained to her. However, she says, local and state investigators have done neither to support their theory that Lennon Lacy hanged himself one summer night. “That’s all I’ve ever asked for: what is due, owed… Read more

One Challenge for Ferguson Grand Jury: Some Witnesses’ Credibility

2014/12/14 - The grand jury in the case of Michael Brown’s shooting didn’t just face an onslaught of witnesses with conflicting memories of what happened the day white police officer Darren Wilson killed Brown, an unarmed black teenager. It also heard from witnesses who couldn’t be believed at all. Some admitted lying. Others changed their stories under questioning…. Read more

Undercutting Education Not Wise for Legislators

2014/12/14 - Anyone who has spent much time around elementary school-age children knows those little minds and shrill voices can be annoyingly persistent at getting their way. Perhaps that childhood persistence is what has been missing over the last decade or so as parents’ groups have lobbied for the state of Mississippi to follow its own… Read more

Berkeley Students Find Cardboard Cutouts of Black Lynching Victims Hanging on Campus

      Lynched cardboard cutouts linked to Eric Garner protests found hanging at uni campus — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) December 14, 2014   Students at the University of California at Berkeley awoke Saturday morning to find three cardboard cutouts of lynching victims hanging from nooses on campus and from a nearby… Read more

Ruled a Suicide, Black Teen’s Hanging Death in North Carolina Raises Specter of Lynching

2014/12/13 - BLADENBORO, N.C. — The hanging death of a 17-year-old black male here has stirred up old fears and fresh concern as residents raise doubts about whether authorities, who called the teen’s death a suicide, adequately investigated the possibility this might have been, in fact, a lynching. On Saturday, protesters marched through the heart of town… Read more

Miss. Schools Funding, Test Scores Linked

2014/12/13 - With better funding for public education in recent years, reading test scores for Mississippi fourth-graders surged, numbers show. After that funding was sliced, scores sank. “We get what we pay for,” said former Gov. William Winter, who pushed through the 1982 Education Reform Act. “A plaque on my desk says, ‘If you think education… Read more

MS NAACP Responds to Last Week’s Decision in Eric Garner Case

“We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest –  Ella’s Song” Sweet Honey in the Rock 2014/12/09 – Our faith in the existing justice system continues to be shaken by the recent failures to indict police officers that kill black men. The Mississippi State Conference NAACP joins the thousands of citizens who have engaged in peaceful… Read more