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Kemper Albatross Triggers Settlement

2014/09/19 - After six long years of battle, the Mississippi Sierra Club and the owners of a massively overpriced coal plant under construction in Kemper County reached a settlement. Mississippi Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company, agreed to reshape its coal-dependent army of power plants so that less-hazardous natural gas will make up 60% of… Read more

MS State Conference Set to Sign Partnership Agreement

2014/09/18 - The Mississippi State Conference NAACP and the American Red Cross Mississippi Region are set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that establishes the framework for cooperation and support for assisting individuals and families who have been impacted by disaster. The signing of the agreement signifies the launch of a long-term cooperative initiative aimed at… Read more

Imagining Successful Schools

2014/09/15 – What should teacher accountability look like? We know what the current system of accountability looks like, and it’s not pretty. Ever since the passage of No Child Left Behind 12 years ago, teachers have been judged, far too simplistically, based on standardized tests given to their students — tests, as Marc S. Tucker… Read more

Community Speaks – “A Community Conversation With Law Enforcement Lawyers and Judges”

2014/09/15 – Come out and support your community by joining us in a community conversation with law enforfcement lawyers and judges. Topics Discussed: What To Do When The Police Stops You, Community and Law Enforcement Relations, and How To Diffuse Intense Situations. Click Here To View Flyer     When: Thursday, September 18, 2014 Time:… Read more

MS Department of Education Lays Off About 30 Employees

2014/09/03 -The Mississippi Department of Education shaved about 7 percent of its workforce with a round of layoffs affecting approximately 30 people, including the head of the Office of School Improvement. Some employees were notified Friday, others on Tuesday, said MDE spokeswoman Patrice Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle said the moves are part of the agency’s reorganization process… Read more

14 School Districts Sue State for Underfunding Mississippi Adequate Educational Program

2014/08/29 - Fourteen Mississippi school districts sued the state Thursday, seeking money they say they were illegally shorted by the state’s public school funding formula over the last six years. The lawsuit also asks a judge to order lawmakers to never again underfund the Mississippi Adequate Educational Program. State lawmakers have underfunded the formula by $1.5… Read more

Community Wealth Building Town Hall Meeting

2014/09/05 – Cooperation Jackson has asked The Democracy Collaborative — a nonprofit research and advisory group with offices in Washington, DC and Cleveland, Ohio — to explore the feasibility of a Community Wealth Building strategy in Jackson, Mississippi. The aim of this approach is to transform neighborhoods through job creation by identifying areas where local… Read more