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MS NAACP Questions Motivation Behind New Bill Initiating State Takeover Of the Jackson Municipal Airport

2015/02/03 – Jackson, MS After reviewing the senate bill to create a Jackson Metropolitan Airport Authority that would remove all power from the existing Jackson Wiley-Evers International Airport Authority, we are questioning the true motivation behind the bill’s creation. Historically, board takeovers only happen when there are issues of malfeasance, but there are no such… Read more

PRESS RELEASE: NAACP Calls for Federal Investigation Into Jonathan Sanders Death

2016/01/12 – The Mississippi State Conference NAACP and the Clark County NAACP are extremely disappointed that a Clark County Grand Jury did not indict Officer Kevin Herrington in the choking death of Jonathan Sanders. Clark County District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell convened a grand jury last week after receiving results from a review of the case… Read more

Spirit of Stokes’ Comments: Black Life Matters, Too

2016/01/07 – The firestorm surrounding what many have deemed controversial comments by Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes have a lot of people up in arms. Although many disagree with Stokes’ suggestion to “throw rocks, bricks and bottles” at neighboring law-enforcement officers who pursue suspects beyond their municipal borders, there is no doubt that such behavior… Read more

Kentucky Restores Voting Rights to Ex-Convicts

2016/01/02 – Dear friends and allies,   Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear issued an executive order this morning that will make it possible for thousands of Kentucky citizens with past criminal convictions to get back their right to vote — an incredible breakthrough in the movement to end criminal disenfranchisement policies nationwide. Over 140,000 Kentuckians with… Read more

Ole Miss, flag: How it Came Down

2015/11/09-Early Monday morning, the University of Mississippi administration ordered the removal of the state flag from campus grounds, making the school the fourth public university in the state to cease flying the state flag, which includes the Confederate battle emblem in its upper left corner. Jackson State University, Alcorn State University and Mississippi Valley State… Read more

Congressman Thompson: Change Flag, No Vote

2015/09/11-Democratic U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson says he loves his native Mississippi, but he believes it’s long past time for state elected officials to remove a Confederate battle emblem from the state flag. Thompson told The Associated Press that state legislators and the governor should deal with redesigning the flag and not put it on a… Read more

Man Perfectly Responds To Police Questioning His ‘Jogging While Black’

10/20/2015-An Alabama man stands up for his rights, and wins. While going for a jog the other night an Alabama man, Corey Dickerson, was faced with the nightmarish reality many people of color face today: being racially profiled by police. Dickerson decided to take a break to catch his breath when he was stopped by… Read more

K-12 Opponents Resort to Misinformation Commercial

Oct. 13, 2015 – Public school opponents are shamelessly race-baiting and misinforming white voters to oppose Initiative 42.  The initiative forces state legislators to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), Mississippi’s rudimentary public school funding formula, or be compelled to fund it through court order.  Opponents to public schools, however, are fighting back… Read more