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Bill Filed to Provide Jackson $5M for Police

State may help Jackson with police protection for citizens. A bill has been filed in the Legislature to provide $5 million to the city of Jackson to add additional police officers and police vehicles. 2015/01/23 - State lawmakers may pitch in to help Jackson provide police protection for citizens. A bill has been filed in the… Read more

Legislative Leadership Undermines Ballot Measure

2015/01/23 - Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson called Republican legislators’ creation of an alternative to ballot Initiative 42 to fully fund public education “an attempt to undermine the people.” The Mississippi NAACP joined several pro-education organizations last year in gathering more than 200,000 signatures supporting a state constitutional amendment forcing legislators to stop shorting K-12 education. … Read more

Bob Moses Was the Quiet Architect of Mississippi’s Freedom Summer in 1964

Too often eclipsed by more famous Civil Rights leaders, Bob Moses rarely gets the credit he deserves as one of the movement’s most successful organizers. 2015/1/23-On January 24, Bob Moses will be honored with an 80th birthday party in Cambridge, Massachusetts, his home since 1976. In contrast to Martin Luther King Jr., whose January birthday… Read more

In Tamir Rice Case, Many Errors by Cleveland Police, Then a Fatal One

2015/1/22-It began with a swap: one boy’s cellphone for another’s replica of a Colt pistol. One of the boys went to play in a nearby park, striking poses with the lifelike, airsoft­style gun, which fired plastic pellets. He threw a snowball, settled down at a picnic table and flopped his head onto his arms in a perfect assertion of preteen… Read more

3 Reasons Ferguson Decision Not a Surprise; 3 Options Left to Brown Family

2015/1/23-After a grand jury decided in November not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, many shifted their attention to a federal investigation into the killing. But on Wednesday, officials told CNN that federal investigators didn’t find enough evidence and that Justice Department prosecutors won’t recommend civil rights charges… Read more

New ‘Hands Up’ Shooting Is Anything But Black and White

A victim with a history of shooting at cops. A prosecutor accused of being compromised. An officer who may’ve known his target. There’s a new police slaying case. It’s not at all simple. 2015/1/22-At first glance, it appeared to be another case of cops shooting dead an unarmed black man with his hands raised. But… Read more

No Federal Case Against Darren Wilson?

2015/1/22-It now appears likely that Darren Wilson, the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, who shot and killed Michael Brown, will never face criminal charges for his actions. The state grand jury declined to vote an indictment in November, and news reports indicate thatthere will be no federal charges against him either. Whether these decisions are correct or not,… Read more

Michael Brown’s Pastor: D.C.’s Free Pass for Wilson Means Cops Free to Kill Blacks

The Justice Department will reportedly not indict the Ferguson police officer, finding no racial animus behind his shooting. 2015/1/22-The Rev. Carlton Lee had just checked into a hotel room, weary from a day of talking about race, faith and politics at Yale University when he heard the news: Sources inside the Department of Justice leaked… Read more