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Justice Department Cites Hinds County Over Jail Conditions

2015/05/22 - JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Federal officials say faltering efforts to improve conditions at Hinds County’s two jails have been far inadequate to overcome decrepit physical conditions, rampant violence and poor staffing. The U.S. Department of Justice, in a 29-page letter issued Thursday to county officials, says conditions violate the U.S. Constitution because threat of… Read more

Mississippi Education Agency to Tweak State Standards

2015/05/22 - The Mississippi Department of Education will seek public input on the controversial Common Core State Standards it adopted five years ago in an effort to improve them. Starting next month, the agency will make available a website where individuals can comment on each one of the academic standards. The site will be accessible from… Read more

Six Baltimore Officers Indicted in Death of Freddie Gray

A grand jury in Baltimore has indicted the six police officers charged in the arrest of Freddie Gray, who died April 19 after being injured while in police custody, the state’s attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn J. Mosby, said Thursday. The charges returned by the grand jury were similar to the charges Ms. Mosby announced about three… Read more

Arrests Fall, Murder Booms in Baltimore

2015/5/21-Murders in one part of town are up 200 percent, shootings 800 percent, but police are locking up fewer people. Baltimore logged its 100th murder of the year on Thursday morning, hitting the milestone after recording more than a murder per day in the month following Freddie Gray’s death. The massive increase in homicide, shootings,… Read more

White House Ban On Militarized Gear For Police May Mean Little

2015/5/21-When riots erupted last fall on the streets of Ferguson, Mo., police in riot gear fanned out armed with assault rifles and armored vehicles made for the battlefield. Analysts said at the time it was just another symptom of the continued militarization of local police forces. This week, the White House announced a series of… Read more

Winning One for the Future in Mississippi

2015/05/21 - We know all too well about misdirection, misinformation, misappropriation and missed opportunity in Mississippi. The political boss hogs feed at the trough at the expense of our future. Initiative 42 can change this. Does anyone question the right of all children in Mississippi to a free and adequate public education? Basic, essential needs must… Read more

People In Poor Communities Are More Likely To Lose Eyesight

2015/5/21-Vision loss and blindness can be devastating, isolating people and increasing their risk of illness and death. And that burden falls hardest on people in poor communities, especially in the South. More than three quarters of the counties with the highest rates of severe vision loss are in the South, according to an analysis published Thursday in Morbidity… Read more

DOJ: Hinds County Jails ‘in Crisis’

2015/05/21 - The DOJ released a 29-page report Thursday detailing systemic deficiencies which contribute to serious harm and risk of harm at the jail facilities. The Department of Justice has found that Hinds County’s jail facilities are “facilities in crisis.” According to the DOJ findings, they have failed to protect prisoners from violence by other prisoners… Read more

Obama Draws Line Between Racial Segregation of the Past and Class Segregation Today

2015/05/21 - Washington – (CNN) - More than a week after streets in Baltimore erupted in violence, President Barack Obama attempted on Tuesday to pinpoint the roots of the unrest there, which he says include a lack of opportunity for inner-city youth and laws that make it difficult to escape a cycle of crime. Joining prominent policy… Read more

Of Bikers and Thugs (Op-Ed)

2015/5/21-On Sunday, there was a deadly biker gang fight and massacre in Waco, Tex. Nine people were killed, and 18 others were injured. “About 170 bikers were charged with engaging in organized crime linked to capital murder,” The New York Times reported. According to The Waco Tribune-Herald, “officials have found 1,000 weapons tucked into kitchen areas, vehicles… Read more