Af·ro /ˈafrō/ – noun: a thick hairstyle with very tight curls that sticks out all around the head, like the natural hair of some black people.

Pique /pēk/ – noun: a feeling of irritation, resentment, or annoyance.


Hey everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Afro Pique* and I will be bringing you all the news from the NAACP National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland!

So, let’s begin with the biggest and latest news!

White, Black, and Green Energy #5

NAACP The Next Generation #4

Criminal Injustice: The System is Broken #3

Johnson Has Big Problems and Big Plans #2

Johnson Named NAACP Interim President and CEO #1



Check back often for more National Convention updates!



*Afro Pique is a separate entity from that of the Mississippi State Conference NAACP. The views presented above are those of Afro Pique and do not necessarily reflect the views of the MS NAACP.