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COSEBOC 8th Annual Gathering of Leaders April 23-25, 2014

Onward and Upward! Advancing the Affirmative Development of Boys and Young Men of Color Date: April 23-25, 2014 Location: Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi Co-hosts: Jackson State University and the Mississippi Center for Education Innovation Download Information Flyer here   The Gathering theme, ONWARD AND UPWARD!: Advancing the Affirmative Development of Boys and Young Men of Color, speaks volumes…. Read more

Mississippi Murder Charge Against Pregnant Teen Dismissed

2014/04/04 – Yesterday, April 3, 2014, Mississippi Lowndes County Circuit Judge, Jim Kitchens, dismissed the murder charge against Rennie Gibbs. Ms. Gibbs, now 24, was charged with “depraved heart” murder after experiencing a stillbirth at 36 weeks of pregnancy. She was then only 16 years old. Relying on the medical examiner’s report in Ms. Gibbs’… Read more

Black Family Summit Emphasizes Black Male Presence in MS & Honors the Legacy of Mayor Lumumba

2014/03/06 - You are invited to the second annual Black Family Summit during March 18‐19, 2014 at the Mississippi e‐Center at Jackson State University.  This year’s theme is “Reclaiming, Restoring, and Preserving the Black Male Presence in Mississippi.”  The Summit will feature discussions on the Influence of Grandfathers on Family Stability, Beyond the Ballgame: Athletes and… Read more

Legislature Lays Egg, then Scrambles It A Review of SB 2681: Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act

2014/03/06 – Mississippi barely saved itself from a monster.  It happened hours before Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer caved to pressure and shot down an infamous “freedom to discriminate” bill designed to give legal protection to business owners who refuse service to customers they find religiously offensive.  Brewer caved after a volley of threats from the… Read more

Scott County Schools Getting Special Conservatorship Treatment

2014/02/27 – Some legislators are crying foul at a series of attempts to preserve the accreditation of a school falling under conservatorship, while letting majority black schools suffer. “I think that what’s happening in this situation is the skill of influence,” said Rep. John Hines, D-Greenville. “What’s good for the goose should always be good… Read more