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HB 585: New Rules, New Crimes and New Punishments

In 2014,  Mississippi legislators created and Governor Phil Bryant  signed  into  law a new bill   designed  to  reduce  the state’s  prison population and  decrease  the  prison  system’s  strain of the budget.  While the  law does reduce  some criminal penalties, it also increases penalties for certain other crimes. Read our brochure for details.   HB 585… Read more

QUIZ: Are You Smart Enough to Get Into Private Kindergarten?

2014/07/07 – A sample question from educational services company ERB’s Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL). Take the test for yourself below. Some of the city’s most elite private schools will soon require 4-year-olds to take a new, harder admissions test given on an iPad and designed to assess math and literacy skills. The educational services company ERB‘s Admission Assessment… Read more

Remembering Medgar Evers

2014/07/02 – Is it a coincidence that two historic African American men were born on the same day? Today is the 106th birthday of Thurgood Marshall who not only was the first African American Supreme Court Justice, but helped in the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education that made segregation illegal. And it is also the birthday of Medgar Evers who would have turned… Read more

Our Negras are Happy: Fables, Facts, Race and Climate Change

2014/05/08 – Our Negras are happy here in Mississippi. It’s the outside agitators causing the problems,” so claimed Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett in response to the Freedom Riders’ activities during the summer of 1963. In the following year, Paul B. Johnson, Mississippi’s new governor repeated the sentiment: “Our Negras are content, happy with the present situation, but outside… Read more

Fully Funding Education for All Children in Mississippi: A ballot Initiative to Make Public Education a State Priority

2014/05/07 – The Mississippi Adequate Education Program Act (MAEP), passed in 1997, was enacted as a school finance equity measure to address the lack of resources to provide an adequate education for all children in public school. If fully funded, it is designed to make public education a priority and give every child an adequate opportunity… Read more