Mother of the Year 
In 1959, under the leadership of and from the brilliant mind of former NAACP Field Director Medgar Evers, the Mississippi State Conference NAACP approved a statewide fundraising project, “Mother of the Year.” This event serves as a fundraising vehicle for both local branches and the state conference. Mr. Evers designed this event to: (1) promote interest in NAACP branch activities; (2) stimulate competition on the local Branch level and the State level; (3) reward two Branches for exceptional fund-raising ability; and (4) serve as a reminder of the 1954 school desegregation decision by the United States Supreme Court.
How it Works
Each local branch conducts its own “Mother of the Year” contest.  Each local branch has at least three top winners based upon amount of funds raised. The branches’ first place winner advances to compete at the state level. Contestants may solicit additional funds or may utilize funds raised for the local branch contest to compete in the state contest. At the state level, contestants are divided into two categories according to branch size. The winners in each category might qualify for an all expense paid trip to the National Convention or a cash donation.


Mississippi Blues & Catfish Reception
The Mississippi State Conference NAACP co-hosts the Mississippi Blues & Catfish Reception each July at the National Convention.


Mississippi State Conference NAACP Annual Convention
The Mississippi State Conference NAACP Annual is held each year in November.

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